Knowing when to adopt a new access control system for your business can be challenging in the ever-evolving security landscape. Recent advancements in access control and rising security threats indicate that upgrading your existing system is a wise business move. As more employees work remotely or in a hybrid environment, having a solid grip on who has access to your business assets is critical. BurnCo Integration is experienced and ready to accept the challenge head-on, implementing the right access control for your business. 


Why Should You Upgrade Your Access Control System?

Employees and work environments have changed drastically in the last 50 years. Many companies still use outdated, proprietary systems with no scalability or new security features. These legacy systems often lack the ability to integrate with modern solutions. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to threats or put your team and assets at risk.

Modern access control systems offer multiple functionalities, much more than just controlling door access. Integrating building systems like HVAC, lighting, and video surveillance protects your company with a comprehensive security system. Many modern systems allow for commercial vehicle or fleet management, allowing instantaneous control, including turning the car off in case of theft.

With rising material costs and supply chain disruptions like the barge accident in Baltimore, access control is more important than ever. Ask yourself, what is the risk if we don’t do this? What’s the cost value of protecting employees, materials, contractors, or infrastructure from vandals? 


What are the Advantages of Implementing a New Access Control System?

Upgrading your system unlocks benefits that can significantly enhance your security, streamline operations, and save you money. 

  • Centralized Control: With BurnCo Integration systems, you can get real-time insight into who is coming and going in specific areas or buildings from one central hub. You can make informed decisions about access protocol from one user-friendly interface, such as locking down an entire floor or granting a vendor access to a specific space.
  • Enhanced Security: Outdated systems often lack encryption and access control protocols, exposing your company to a security risk. BurnCo Integration employs sophisticated encryption and multi-factor authentication technologies to tighten security significantly. Replace easily copied keys with key fobs and biometric scanners, providing a unique identifier for each user.
  • Improved Efficiency: Speaking of physical keys, what a logistical nightmare! BurnCo systems offer streamlined user management. Grant or revoke access easily without retrieving a physical key and automate workflows to further enhance efficiency for seasonal hours or emergencies.
  • Reduced Costs: Enhanced security and improved efficiencies reduce the risk of unauthorized access and theft, contributing to significant cost savings. Many insurance companies offer discounts based on strong risk management practices.
  • Scalability and Growth: As your business grows, your security system needs to scale and evolve with it. Modern access control systems grow alongside your business. With BurnCo, adding users, facilities, or access points is seamless, so you can accommodate a surge in employees or capitalize on that perfect space that just went on the market. Your business is ready for every opportunity.


BurnCo Integration: Your Access Control Partner

Don’t wait for a security breach to highlight the need to upgrade your access control system. Implementing a new system protects your personnel, assets, and business continuity. 

Contact BurnCo Integration today for a comprehensive security assessment and discover how we can implement a solution that meets your unique needs.