BurnCo Integration Privacy Policy



We take privacy seriously. This policy explains how we handle the information our clients and partners share with BurnCo Integration’s website, app, or services. Our top goal is to protect your privacy when storing certain information from or about you that can be used to uniquely contact, identify, or locate you (‘Personal Information’).

When working with BurnCo Integration or interacting with our products and services, you may provide us with Personal Information including, but not limited to, your name, home or business address, phone number, email address, location, or zip code.

When using our Services, you may provide us with certain additional information (e.g., unit description, home or business size, home or business system configuration, sensor names, appliances or other devices monitored by BurnCo Integration, account information, schedule, mode, automation settings, and device settings) in order for us to personalize your Services. BurnCo Integration may also receive Personal Information that you have provided to our partners, including emergency contact information and user profile information, to enable BurnCo Integration to provide our Services.

Information Collection and Use

BurnCo Integration may process information regarding your use of the BurnCo Integration Services, including but not limited to the performance of any security or other device monitored by BurnCo Integration, electrical usage, and alert logs. We receive this type of information from your devices that are monitored by BurnCo Integration and your computer or other electronic device through which you may access, browse, download, receive, or otherwise use the BurnCo Integration Interfaces or Services, and we may also receive and process such information from third parties.

Let’s be crystal clear. Your privacy isn’t an afterthought; it’s our bedrock. We collect zero personal data beyond what’s absolutely essential for your security.