In today’s world, companies must be security-conscious to protect sensitive data, assets, and their team from various risks. BurnCo Integration is a full-service security company offering innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business. Our commitment to customer service transforms security from a luxury into an accessible expectation. This allows you to focus on growth while BurnCo focuses on protecting your business.

BurnCo Integration Offers Comprehensive Security Solutions to Protect You.

  1. Intrusion detection protects your property and buildings from unauthorized access by utilizing cutting-edge alarm systems, motion detectors, and point-of-access sensors at doors and windows.
  2. Fire detection services protect you and your employees by recognizing smoke, fire, and rapid temperature changes to enable a swift response. 
  3. Access control lets you decide who enters your building or specific areas with keyless entry systems and multi-level access control solutions.
  4. Communication systems are vital to swiftly communicating with your team in a crisis or emergency to enable a quick and coordinated response.

Equipment That Goes Beyond Protecting Your Business

At BurnCo Integration, we believe in more than just installing high-quality security equipment. Our seasoned security specialists will learn about your needs and assess potential threats to identify risks and vulnerabilities. From there, our experienced security technicians will create a customized plan that meets your needs and integrates into your security infrastructure. 

BurnCo Integration has a proven track record of helping businesses like yours achieve their security goals. We work with companies such as auto dealerships, CBD and cannabis dispensaries, daycares and schools. As well as, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, doctors’ offices, warehouse and industrial space, and retail and big box stores

Don’t wait for a security breach to happen before taking action. Contact BurnCo today for a free risk assessment. Discover how our total security solutions can bring you peace of mind. With BurnCo Integration as your security partner, you can focus on growing your business, while BurnCo Integration focuses on protecting your business.