Safeguarding your business is one of your top priorities. As technology evolves, so do threats to your business, and outdated systems leave your company vulnerable. Upgrading security hardware like access control systems, fire alarms, and intrusion detection systems is essential. It often leads to incompatibilities or holes in your security solution due to outdated software. BurnCo Integration offers seamless upgrades to secure your business. Partnering with industry leaders like Genetec and Unify, providing tailor-made security solutions that integrate seamlessly for a robust solution that keeps you, your team, and your building secure.

The BurnCo Integration Difference

BurnCo is more than a security provider. We are your trusted partner, guided by faith-based values. We pride ourselves on living our core values: professionalism, oneness, integrity, stewardship, and ethical principles, ensuring they touch every aspect of our business. Our experienced team of security professionals analyzes your unique security risks and threats. Then, BurnCo Integration provides a customized solution that meets your specific needs and secures your company.

How does BurnCo Integration take the headache out of security upgrades?

  • Easy Integration: BurnCo security experts listen to your needs and apply years of experience to create a security solution designed to integrate with your existing system or a new one.
  • Complete Security Solutions: Easy-to-use, powerful security solutions protecting you from top to bottom and front to back. This includes cameras, door access systems, security monitoring, communications alerts, and fire and intrusion detection systems.
  • Security that Scales with Your Business: Our systems grow with you, eliminating the need to change security solutions again in the future. As you expand, you can easily control multiple locations from one account.

Affordable Solutions + Streamlined Integration = Peace of Mind

Keeping your team and company secure shouldn’t cost a fortune. BurnCo Integration offers competitive pricing, and our experienced technicians will handle your upgrade with professionalism. You can relax, knowing the latest security technology protects your business. Don’t leave your business at risk; protect your team, inventory, and assets with a comprehensive security solution. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how easy an upgrade to a total security solution from BurnCo Integration can be.